Dreamtime Art provides artistic and innovative solutions for Indigenous cultural connections based on cultural relevance and strong collaborative partnerships with a strong focus on the protection of artists’ copyrights, intellectual properties and Indigenous cultural intellectual property.

Proven to morally and respectfully navigate the Indigenous cultural landscape relating to the arts, Dreamtime Art has a combined 18 years of industry expertise.

Fatima and Matthew bring value to the client with understandings of community life and its social contexts through thought leadership underpinned by acumen of cultural heritage management, Indigenous studies, community development, sales & marketing and business advertising.

Dreamtime Art engages in collaborative projects that promotes supplier diversity, Indigenous businesses and knowledge about Arts & Culture. The Dreamtime Art strategy improves corporate and government business strategies & engagement with Indigenous businesses. It assists in the longevity and success of artists and our fellow Indigenous business owners whilst educating and sharing knowledge about the Indigenous culture through the Arts.  This enables us to be better in business for the benefit of our artists, ourselves, our clients and for the Indigenous culture as a whole. It is only when we are open to learn, we can truly know.


To celebrate the soul of Indigenous culture in a positive, appropriate, respectful and beautiful way through art.

To have a high standard in cultural appropriation and sensitivities.

To honour the artist and their stories in all our business dealings.

To treat all clients equally in the same way.

Highlight the importance and significance of our artists Dreamings and stories of country and connection to culture.

Take seriously that we are responsible for sharing artists stories through narratives in the most accurate and appropriate way.

Challenge ourselves in finding innovative ways to promote Aboriginal art and artists.

Create sustainable opportunities for our artists and their families future.

Adhere and abide by the rules set out in the Art Codes and our affiliates to which we are privileged members and signatories.

Privileged direct relationships with artists connects us on a deep and mutual understanding as artist and representative.

Dealing directly with the artists guarantees authenticity and honours fair trade to artists.

Expand our community and business network in order to continuously grow and stay connected.

Current networks within communities and Indigenous businesses gives us a formidable working knowledge within the Australian Indigenous Art sector.

This provides our clients exclusive access to our extensive partner network and cultural knowledge which covers appropriation, copyright and IP issues that protect artist, their artworks and the clients reputation.

This unique proposition gives Dreamtime Art the ability to scale from one off commission artworks to large urban installations that is culturally sound whilst respecting the integrity to the Indigenous culture and the art.

To continually grow, evolve and improve the state of our business.

To always be open to learning, changing and developing.

To only work on projects that meet our business philosophies and align with the Dreamtime Art Ethics and Values.

"The protection of artists Copyright and Intellectual Properties is first and foremost."

Dreamtime Art


A proud Taungurung man of the Kulin Nation in Victoria, Matthew holds a Bachelor in Indigenous Studies and is a graduate in Cultural Heritage Management.  Matthew is an active Board Member of Kinaway – Victorian Chamber of Commerce to be a representative for Victorian businesses, has open discussions with FACCI regarding the national potential of all Indigenous-owned businesses and is a member of the Observance Committee for the Koorie Heritage Trust. Matthew is a current student at the 2017 Murra Indigenous Business Master Class at Melbourne Business School.

He endeavours to play a positive and impactful role within Indigenous communities and to be a great role model for Aboriginal people and his children. Matthew aims to play a part in creating change towards the improvement of the Indigenous people of Australia and creating positive reinforcements regarding equal opportunities and dispersing stereotypes in our society. Matthew wants to be involved in significant and substantial projects towards change to improve the livelihood of Aboriginal communities.

He hopes that dealing in Aboriginal art through project development whilst expanding client networks will contribute to the long-term sustainability within the Aboriginal art market and enhance the reputation and capabilities of Indigenous owned businesses.

“Client participation with Dreamtime Art entails ensuring that artists are fairly remunerated, artworks are appropriately sold through the right channels and culture is protected.”


Fatima is a graduate in Business Sales and Marketing and Business Advertising. Alongside Matthew, Fatima has devoted her time for almost a decade developing the Dreamtime Art business structure and marketing strategies.

Fatima’s journey with Indigenous culture is underpinned by her own Indigenous children ensuring that knowledge is imparted and Indigeniety is respected. Achieving this means that reconciliation moves forward; that injustice is redressed; that Indigenous history takes place as a proud shared story of Australia; that Indigenous people are treated as equals.

Her strong people skills has increased the network of Dreamtime Art considerably. She believes that there is always a lot to learn from people, other businesses and her network.

Her mind is always open to new ideas and seeks new and innovative ways for Dreamtime Art to engage new clients whilst always putting the artist first in her dealings.

“Understanding the depth and breadth of Indigenous culture is a constant learning. An open heart is essential and an open mind is a necessity. Culture and art has to be respected as art is the culture.”