PROTECT artists copyright, Intellectual property and Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property
ENSURE best practice and due diligence for artist and community engagement
ACCURATE narratives and stories directly from the artist
SOLUTIONS through project development and project management offering end to end solutions liaising and working with artists, Indigenous businesses, community and relevant industry experts for art, sculptures, public art, video production and installations
SERVICES and products include concept and product development, awards, exiting gifts and gift programs, boardroom tables, furniture, artefacts, acknowledgement plaques, workplace exhibitions, digital exhibitions, murals, and place-making
COLLABORATE and utilise the Dreamtime Art network of Indigenous artists and Indigenous businesses locally and nationally

All Australians have a role in creating a reconciled, just and equitable Australia—political leaders and governments of all levels and leanings; the corporate and not-for-profit sectors; schools and tertiary institutions; faith groups; philanthropists; the media; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and members of the public.

Source: State of Reconciliation Report 2016

NURTURE meaningful relationships with the artists and their families transcending barriers

PROMOTE self-determination and entrepreneurship through a bi-cultural exchange of respect and opportunities

RESPECT the importance of transparency and trust that you will be sharing and promoting Indigenous knowledge

SHARE CULTURE through the stories of artists art, life, connection to country.

CONNECT to the Dreamtime Art network of Indigenous artists around Australia

CREATE art that is culturally appropriate, authentic to the artist and ensure fair remuneration

ENCOURAGE entrepreneurship, economic participation and self-determination for freelance artists

ENGAGE by assisting in story telling of artists art, life, connection to country and culture.

DUE DILIGENCE when engaging Indigenous artists ensures we adhere to the regulations of the associations we are signatories to

FAIR TRADE whereby artists are fairly remunerated and their Dreamings and stories are accurately told through narratives ensures our clients are given precise information

CULTURAL CONNECTION for the artists both tangible and intangible, Men’s & Women’s business, orality and stories that are secret and sacred are protected by respecting and abiding Australian laws governing Indigenous cultural intellectual properties, moral rights and copyrights