BESPOKE and original Indigenous artworks, not graphic interpretations

ENGAGE  and commission artists who can deliver on a brief while honouring their connection to Dreaming, place, roles & responsibilities

FEATURE the artwork in the workplace and encourage workforce cultural education and engagement

TALK to the artist directly at your RAP Launch where the artist will share the stories and narratives that bring value to your organisations RAP statement

EXTEND the artwork for internal and external licensing packages for commercial and non-commercial use underpinned by communication strategies


COST EFFECTIVE solution with a national reach and forms a part of a running cost and is 100% tax deductible coupled with the release of costs associated with ownership

DIVERSITY of art and artworks displayed showcases and reflects the variations of art styles within the Indigenous culture that exists throughout Australia explaining differences between regions, styles and language groups

CHANGE the artworks annually or keep them for 3 or 5 years and enjoy the artworks at the Dreamtime Art Loyalty rate

CONSIDER leasing for your boardrooms, reception areas, staff rooms, quiet rooms and foyers


COMMUNICATE your engagement with the Indigenous community and businesses through images.

CHOOSE art that is appropriate for your company and for your communication strategies.

APPLICATIONS can vary from internal and external use and commercial and non-commercial options available.

ROYALTIES are negotiated directly with artists and are above industry standards


EDUCATE the workforce regarding Indigenous culture through the arts

FLEXIBLE choices with amount of artworks required and display options

MULTIPLE artists from various regions will be showcased for a pan-Aboriginal approach

ORIGINAL artworks at varying sizes can be made available to purchase for your staff, guests or clients


STAFF ENGAGEMENT plays an imperative role when increasing cultural capital

LEARN about Indigenous traditions, lifestyles, language, place and belonging

BI-CULTURAL exchange allows for a more inclusive and culturally diverse workplace


UNIQUE artworks for your company requirements

DIMENSIONS are tailored to your wall size

ARTIST allocation is dependent on your needs and brief


INTERNAL displays are catered to your design and décor whether existing, re-furb or brand new buildings

EXTERNAL applications are weather-proof

LARGE and small sizes of steel sculptures, glass splashbacks and wood carvings